Warsaw Insider presented great introduction to our festival. It was for the 9th eddittion, but we’re sure most of the advices you will still find valid:… read more

We present you the poster of the 10th edition of the Warsaw Beer Festival. Its author is Paula Chełpa, who this time decided to develop a graphic identification of the festival based on what we usually do in craft brewing – creatively mix tradition with modernity 🙂 Hop(e) you like… read more

Warszawski Festiwal Piwa — a benchmark in success Over the past few years, we’ve all got used to the level of WFP and other Polish festivals. Because of that the review written by our guests from abroad who visited the event for the first time and compared… read more

During the Warsaw Beer Festival, about 700-800 beers will be served from 350 taps. If you are a normal person and do not sacrifice every moment to follow what’s happening in the beer world, the variety of beer styles and breweries can make you feel dizzy. That’s why it is… read more

Unfortunately because of bad weather and bad state of grass Legia has cancelled the Beer Mile Run. Were very sorry, ’till last moment we were not aware of this situation and this comes a surprise for as as well. In the late 1990s, the… read more

After a short break, Table Footbal Tournament is back at the festival! Sign up via e-mail:  You have to chose one day only. If you play on Friday, you can’t play on Thursday etc. In the subscription e-mail, you need to provide: Name of a team, chosen day,… read more

Professional sensory courses are irreplaceable. Thanks to them you will learn how to identify beer aromas and how they form. You will also learn tasting techniques. They are conducted by Dr Boris Gadzov from FlavorActiV, who trains professionals from all over the world. 26.10 (Friday), 6:30 PM, Flav… read more

KLASK is getting more and more popular which is perfectly understandable immediately after you give it a try. During our festival Klask Warszawa/Klask Polska will run the tournament. You will find all the details in FB event. The place of the tournament. read more

“Discover the World of Beer” is a tasting for people that are new in craft beer world.  Dates for this edition of the festival are:25.10 (czwartek), 17:45-18:45 BUY TICKET27.10 (sobota), 18:30-19:30 BUY TICKET THIS TASTING WILL BE IN POLISH! However we prepared also the tasting especiall… read more