Beer Bros. – praticipant presentation

Beer does not divide, beer connects. With beer we are all brothers and sisters πŸ™‚
Therefore say warm β€˜Hello!” to our brothers in beer from Beer Bros. brewery πŸ™‚

Beer Bros. is a craft brewery established in 2015 in Zyrardow by Szymon Milczarek. Located in an antique 19th century former sewing workshop it gains a unique chatacter. Beer from Beer Bros. can be characterized by not following the outlines of the styles and even purposefully surpassing them e.g. by adding unconventional ingredients. Szymon has also participated in many collaborative brews with polish breweries and multitap pubs.

Don’t get scared by some of the wild ideas that Beer Bros. crew sometimes has. Visit them at the festival and raise a brotherly/sisterly toast πŸ™‚