Profesja Brewery – participant presentation

’Heigh-ho, heigh-ho! It’s off for beer we go!’ – if we’re starting with the dwarf song then it’s a sign that we welcome at the WBF Profesja Brewery from Wroclaw 🙂

Profesja is a brainchild of Tomasz Szydlowski and Karol Sadlowski who invited experienced homebrewers -Michal Gref and Przemek Leszczynski. The name of the brewery reflects the transition from homebrewing to professional working with beer. Profesja’s brewers are also cofounders of the Wroclaw Brewing Initiative.
Main theme of Profesja’s beers are dwarves of various professions – an idea derived from one of the landmarks of Wroclaw 🙂

Visit Profesja’s stand at the WBF and assemble your own company of 7 dwarves 😉

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