Founders and Boon at #wfp8!

American Founders and Belgian Boon are foreign guests of our festival.

Founders within 20 years managed to reach 16th position on the list of the largest beer producers in the USA, and their CBS and KBS already gained a cult status. On the RateBeer website, both are on the list of the 50 best beers in the world (11th and 16th respectively). BeerAdvocate included also Breakfast Stout on a similar list. We already know for sure that in Warsaw you’ll find not only their beers, but also company representatives.

Boon is now the only brewery in Lembeek, where 43 breweries used to operate, and according to some, the word „lambic” derived from the name of this small, but heavily associated with brewing, village located southwest of Brussels. Large part of cherries and raspberries that are used to produce kriek and framboise comes from Poland.



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