Warsaw Beer Festival Without Borders – 8 VIII i 5 IX

The Warsaw Beer Festival is a celebration of craft breweries and a variety of flavours. This time we would like to invite you to two special editions: WFP Without Borders. What does it mean? That everyone will be able to participate in the Festival without leaving home. No, this isn’t another boring livestream. We’ll prepare for you interesting discussions, great guests (also from abroad) and talks about beer, hops and everything related to it. There will also be a tasting, in which, ATTENTION, everyone can take part. How is this possible? You can buy a set of 10 beers from top Polish and American breweries. See you on August 8, online. Let yourself be carried away by the beer new wave!

August 8 (Saturday) 2020

Special guest: Stan Hieronymus, author of the books: „Brew Like A Monk”, „Brewing Local”, „Brewing with Wheat” and „For The Love of Hops”

Polish breweries: Artezan, Birbant, Funky Fluid and PINTA

Set of beers: https://smakpiwa.pl/zestawy-warszawski-festiwal-piw-bez-granic-,c5,p3992,pl.html

List of venues where you can try festival beers: soon!

September 5 (Saturday) 2020

Special guest: John Palmer, author of the books: „Brewing Classic Styles”, „Water” and „How To Brew”

Polish breweries: Nepomucen, Maltgarden, Maryensztadt and Trzech Kumpli

Set of beers: soon!

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