Beer Guide wil help you with your choices

During the Warsaw Beer Festival, about 700-800 beers will be served from 350 taps. If you are a normal person and do not sacrifice every moment to follow what’s happening in the beer world, the variety of beer styles and breweries can make you feel dizzy.

That’s why it is always worth asking for the advice from the Beer Guide. Those are our friends, that are real specialists in the world of Polish craft beer and they like to talk to people helping in searching for the perfect beer suited to your individual taste. They also know hundreds of anecdotes, will instruct you what to try during the festival, and what queue is really worth standing in.

More importantly, the Beer Guides are not our employees or festival service, but passions for which – just like for us – talking about beers and flavors gives real joy. We invite you to use their enormous knowledge, gathering it costed them a lot of work and effort!

You will know them by their clothes 🙂

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