Foosball on #WFP10

Foosball on #WFP10If you want to become a champion 🏅 – it’s time to sign up – send us an email!   sign up via: pilkarzyki@warszawskifestiwalpiwa.pl You have to chose one day only. If you play on Friday, you can’t play on Thursday etc Subscription: Name of a team / chosen day, names of players,

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Festival Maps

Below you’ll find maps covering the festival area with all the breweries and food trucks included. However, there is one floor which is never included on our maps. This doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting. We’re talking here about 1st floor. Besides toilets, there is also workshop area there. And yes, we do some tastings

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Tickets are on sale!

Finally, we are selling single tickets, passes and premium tickets (pass + kangaroo bag and festival glass) for 65 zł (~15 EUR). In the near future you will see a prototype of a new festival glass, a poster, a list of breweries that will take part in the upcoming edition and many more! We are

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