Help us with a name for the glass!

We have a slight problem … #WFP12 glass 🍸 has no name yet❗ Got an idea? Write in the comment on our Facebook. 🤗 We will reward the best name proposal with a ticket pass with a premium set (check here: https://warszawskifestiwalpiwa.pl/bilet/) We are waiting for ideas! 🙂

News from Stadium!

We checked what’s going on at the Legia City Stadium Because on October 7, , best polish breweries and abroad will set up inside the stadium. And the gates will open for the guests of the 12 Warszawski Festiwal Piwa | 12 Warsaw Beer Festival For us, the hottest period has started . We can’t …

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warszawski festiwal piwa 2021 12wfp

We are back!

We are back! 💪🔥 With the biggest beer event in Warsaw. 🍻🇵🇱 The best breweries, foreign guests and lots of attractions. We have a beer in our heart 💚 and faith that everything will be fine. We have just started selling tickets: 👉 https://warszawskifestiwalpiwa.pl/bilety 👈 See you at 12 WFP on October 7, 2021! 🔥

12 Warsaw Beer Festival glass

Here it is! Special glass of #WFP12! You can order it now by buying a pass for the 12. Warszawski Festiwal Piwa | 12th Warsaw Beer Festival here: http://warszawskifestiwalpiwa.pl/bilety/

Tickets and passes for 12 Warsaw Beer Festival #WFP12

1-day tickets and passes for #WFP11 (October 24-26th) are now available! You can choose one of the 4 options: 🍺 single (1-day) tickets; 🍺 multiple admission passes: 🍺 multiple admission passes with set (multiple admission pass, #WFP12 glass, kangaroo glass bag); 🍺 passes with Premium Set (multiple admission pass, #WFP12 glass, beer bottle bag, standard …

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Warszawski Festiwal Piwa reveals secret to remarkable beer festivals

by Kaeru Beer Ever wonder about the beer world’s undiscovered secrets?  Why do tired, repetitive „Best of” lists overlook significant beer events?  Which little-known international beer festivals stand out as unmissable?  Where is the visitor-experience a model of excellence? Imagine which features and provisions produce a world’s best beer festival.  Think about it for a …

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Simple glass, simple story

A simple glass without a logo. You will be able to buy one at the 11th Warsaw Beer Festival for 2,5 pln. What is it all about? 🤔 🤔 🤔 We are not fans of disposable plastic cups. We have always been promoting the consumption of craft beers as it deserves – in glass. That’s …

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warszaty, degustacje Warszawski Festiwal Piwa

You want to know more about beer? Check our festiwal tastings and workshops

From the beginning Warsaw Beer Festiwal was focused on education. Craft beer revolution is also knowledge. We have prepared a series of workshops and tasting that combine pleasant with useful. You will be able to try excellent beers and get professional knowledge of beer. Our experts will answer any question! Tastings are from completely basic …

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Professional sensory workshops #WFP11

Boris Gazdov is expert in beer sensory. He is working for FlavorActiV company, and learnig beer sensory in europen breweries. For Warsaw Beer Festiwal he will lead two advanced workshops for beer fans, brewers, breweries owners, judges and all people who need professional knowledge of beer sensory. Workshops: FlavorActiV: Beer sensory practices, 25.10.2019, 17:30 – …

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