Beer Mile at #WFP9

Unfortunately because of bad weather and bad state of grass Legia has cancelled the Beer Mile Run. Were very sorry, ’till last moment we were not aware of this situation and this comes a surprise for as as well.

In the late 1990s, the website was created to gather data on the beer mile in one place and to unify the competition. It contains, among others, current records and official rules, which – for the needs of the craft festival – we have minimized:

  1. Each player drinks four beers and runs four laps around the stadium. One beer – one lap.
  2. The beer must be drunk before the start of the lap in the 10-meter transition area in front of the finish / start line.
  3. Women are also obliged to drink four beers (previous rules required three).
  4. Participants should drink beer from a cup, and its size should not be less than 0.3 liters. The beer will be Bałwan (Snowman) from the Artezan Brewery.
  5. Players who vomit before finishing the race must perform one penalty lap at the end of the run (after running the 4th lap), but without having to drink a fifth beer. Note: vomiting more than once still requires only one penalty round.

The registration form can be found at:, however the recruitment is already completed. We also assume the possibility of recruiting before or during the event. This is the first edition of the run, therefore we limit the number of participants – we do not know how many people will in practice run a narrow strip of the holy stadium grass. We will send a message to the registered people a few days before the festival.

The Run is coorgansed by Mikkeller Running Club Warsaw.

Participation in the race is free for WFP participants.