Simple glass, simple story

A simple glass without a logo. You will be able to buy one at the 11th Warsaw Beer Festival for 2,5 pln.

What is it all about? 🤔 🤔 🤔

We are not fans of disposable plastic cups. We have always been promoting the consumption of craft beers as it deserves – in glass. That’s why in every edition you can buy our dedicated, a special beer glass, this time it’s Craft Master Grand.

However, not everyone feels the need to buy a special glass of glass. So we have prepared simple glasses for only 2,5 pln. We sell them without profit, at the purchase price.

Why? We do not want to contribute to the production of a large amount of disposable plastic cups. There is no need, it does not serve our environment either. We offer a glass, where beer tastes better and which can serve longer. The glass can be washed almost at every stand. And after the festival, take home to serve as a beverage vessel.

What if you don’t need a glass at home? You will be able to leave it on our point of exchange: Table for Glass. On this table, everyone will be able to put any glass, including a glass from the house, and everyone will be able to take any glass. But more about it – in the next post.

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